No Sheep to Fall Asleep

Counting sheep? Nah! Don’t! In addition to the idea of praying yourself to sleep in God’s arms each night, we challenge you to give this worship ABC Attributes a try. There are over 1,000 names/attributes of our Father, God. What better way to drift into much-needed unconsciousness than to WORSHIP HIS names and characteristics through the alphabet?

To get us started, we’ve shared a lengthier list for the letter A, but there’s more for every letter of the alphabet. What can you add to each letter? Let us know in the comment section and we’ll add your submissions to the list!

Father, You are:

Abba (Daddy), Alpha (beginning), Alive, Able, Abounding, Accepting, Accessible, Adonai (Hebrew name for God meaning “Master”), Adoring, Affectionate, Affirming, All-in-All, All-Knowing, Almighty, Amen

Beautiful, Benevolent, Bold, Bright,

Christ, Creator, Caring,

Divine, Deliverer

Exalted, Excellent, Empowering,

Father, Forever, Faithful,

Great, Gentle,

Hope, Healer, Heath,


Jesus, Just, Jealous, Jehovah,

King, Kind,

Life, Love, Living,

Marvelous, Magnificent, Mighty,


Omnipotence (all-powerful), Omniscience (all-knowing). Omnipresence (all-present),

Power, Present, Peace, Purposed, Provider, Perfect

Quiet (“still small voice”), Quick (Word of God), Quickening, Quintessential (worthy of imitating),

Righteous, Redeemer,

Savior, Safe, Sufficient,

Trust, Triune (three in one), True, Truth,

Unfailing, Uniform (unchanging), Uniting,

Victorious, Virtuous, Vine, Vast,

Wisdom, Worthy, Whole,

Xrayic (sees through/ into all things),


Zealous, Zion,

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