Prayer Boxes

I don’t know about you, but the list of prayer for others is like the childhood song, “Deep and Wide.” It’s challenging to keep track of them and faithfully pray through each every day. So here’s an idea for those who love creativity and diligence to prayer: Prayer Boxes.

  1. Visit Hobby Lobby’s or Walmart’s craft boxes and supplies
  2. Find TWO small raw boxes and decorate both as Prayer Boxes: an outie and an innie.
  3. As you get prayer requests, make a habit of first praying right then and there in your heart, then write the person’s name on little slip of prayer, fold it up, and
  4. b7403c9e243b01675ffe4e659d614386--prayer-box-homemade-giftsplace it in the outie prayer box. Include on individual slips the names of those you wish to remember in prayer on an on-going basis, like spouse, child, grandma,
    siblings, nieces, nephews . . .
  5. Each morning and each evening, pull out a single slip, pray for that person, then place it in the innie box.
  6. When you’ve eventually gone through all the slips from the outie box, start the daily prayer cycle again with the innie box that’s full. LADIES CRAFT NIGHT IDEA! 

Great system for guys, too . . . all you need are two empty mint tins!

Does it take you some time to quiet your mind and fall asleep? Pray yourself to sleep. WHAT?! Fall asleep while I’m praying?! How many times has your child fallen asleep in your arms while babbling and murmuring? Did you find that offense or disrespectful, or did it swell your heart with love? What better way to enter into asleep than praying cradled in your Father’s arms.

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