T.P. Transformed: ‘Role’ Change!


I touched lives recently—with toilet paper. Yes, I’ve come to keenly recognize, and at last accept, that it is my earthly purpose to change t.p. rolls wherever I go. It’s uncanny really. I constantly face empty rolls left unchanged by the previous user at restaurants, convenience stores, department stores, discount stores, my daughter’s school, coffee shops, doctors’ offices, churches . . . , and yes, at home. For a long time, I was irritated by this ‘role;’ it happens so often.

Recently I visited the women’s one-room unit at an out-of-town church where I was attending a special event. I witnessed a lot of ‘changing’ that day—except for the t.p. dispenser. Really?! I thought with familiar irritation as the empty holder stared stark naked back at me. A full roll sat perfectly contented on the tank lid behind me; but still, the empty holder mocked at me: DO YOUR DUTY!



That was the beginning of my ‘change’ about refilling for others the t.p. dispensers across America.

Dutifully and adeptly, I removed the bare brown tube and popped the waiting fat roll properly into place in the dispenser, which—SURPRISE—was broken. The fresh roll hit the floor, startling me. Examining the dispenser, I found that one arm of the holder was slightly loose at the wall connection. Consequently, in the rush of my rapid skill to change the roll, the loose arm lost its grasp. With that unexpected tumbling to the floor, my inner ‘role’ was instantly changed. Instead of feeling further aggravated by the absurdity, I burst into laughter with a mischievously humorous thought . . . .

I carefully replaced the new roll on the frame and adjusted the now-languishing arm of the holder to it’s proper position in the wall, as I had originally found it. (My purse was void of plaster putty and hardware tools.) The next woman who yanked at the dangling white strip might also be startled into laughter if the roll suddenly hits the floor; and perhaps she too will be changed.

I realized I had needed to adjust my attitude and fasten to the wall of my heart a NEW ATTITUDE: I often had opportunity to so softly serve countless squatters, so why not have some fun in the process and perhaps serve to change others!

Whether or not the roll held in place for the next user, I had 1) done my civil and Christian duty, and 2) had I been changed in the process. Just maybe that kind of change—from reluctant roll changer to cheery (and mischievous) changer—would roll through the lives of other women who felt they too have been saddled with the role of t.p. transformer at every stop-n-squat. Either way, holding or hitting the floor, I was literally touching the lives of women who would sit where I had: changed.

Who knew?! When the roll is called up yonder . . . , perhaps I’ll be awarded the Angel Soft gown!


One comment

  1. Gave me a good chuckle, and appreciation for the art of T.P. photography (where DID you find those pictures?) Just makes us realize that at the end of the day……we ALL need a functional roll of T.P. in this life, no matter our status, our wealth, our fame…..or our LACK of these. “When the roll is called up yonder”….indeed! We’re all in this together, and humor makes everyone’s life a little easier. Blessings to you for that bit of comic relief!


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