Cheap Shots: Fiery Darts


Contributed by Linsy Stockham
Family Ministries & Youth Pastor
Bridgeway Community Church, Pekin, IL

When tangled-up thoughts invade like a sticky web, clouding the ray of hope that should be the disposition of my mind, I sigh and breathe and try again to somehow wrestle my brain lose from its grasp. That sticky, tangled web of lies from the enemy has a grasp on my thinking and . . . , ugh . . . . Really, I should be way more spiritual than this!

I hesitate before running into God’s presence, as if He doesn’t know my thoughts are caught, suspended by offense, “could of’s,” then racing, arguing in an imaginary dialogue of wits and sticks that could burn good my enemy.

My hesitation yields to weariness. I’m sweating, torched, and about to choke on the smoke from the fiery darts—those cheap shots that wound me.

NOT AGAIN!! Has anyone seen my shield?

Ephesians 6:16
Take up the shield of faith, 
with which you can extinguish all the
flaming arrows of the evil one.


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