Our family is very blessed . . .

We have a summer home and a winter home—
easily accessible by way of opening and closing our windows.

We have priceless works of art:
paintings and sculptures collected over many years,
created by notable artists—
our children.

We have handcrafted furniture of ingrained woods and fabrics,
bearing original insignias—
the collective works of children, friends, family dogs and stray cats.

We have the most complex, intricately-designed
intercom and alarm systems—
our voices.

We have personal bodyguards
who know our whereabouts at all times,
and are keenly alert for dangers and hazards—
each other.

We have the most highly-skilled of professionals:
private physician, psychiatrist, attorney, spiritual counsel,
teacher, landscape artist, and insurer with maximum benefits—

We are very blessed.girl-2934257_640

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